How deep can my device or headphones be submerged?

H2O Audio products can sustain approximately 10 feet of depth.


I lost or broke one of my earplugs, how can I get a replacement?

We sell replacement earplugs for $7.99 that come with five new earplugs in tip sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and one TREE tip.


How long are the Surge S+ short cord headphones?

The short cord is 1ft/30cm long.


How long are the standard Surge+ headphones?

The standard cord is 109cm/3.6ft long.


Do H2O Audio products have warranty?

H2O Audio guarantees products against manufacturer’s defects for one year with purchases made after September 2015. Please contact us so we can repair or replace your device.


What if I’m having issues with a product purchased prior to September 2015?

Unfortunately X-1 Audio Inc. closed down in Sept. 2015 and that included their warranty support. We do not repair or replace any products sold by X-1 Audio.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Arrival dates vary based on the shipping method you select at checkout.


Do you sell any diving or scuba products?

No, at this time we only carry devices that can go underwater up to 10 feet.


Does the 6th generation IPod Shuffle fit in your swim solutions?

Yes, the iPod shuffle has not changed dimensions since the 4th generation.


Do you have a waterproof armband product?

Within the next two months we will be coming out with two waterproof armbands. One will house the iPod Nano and Shuffle; the other will house the iPhone 4, 5 or 6. Note the iPhone 6 plus will not fit into the armband.