The sound on one of my speakers is not good or muted, what do I do?

This is pretty common and 99% of the time the solution is to get your headphone properly equalized. Here are some steps to try:


1. There is water trapped between the speaker and the earplug.

Solution: tap the speakers and try to get the drop of water out. Also gently blowing into the speaker might help. Once the water dries up - it should sound normal.


2. H2O Audio are waterproof and therefore may require pressure equalization. If the speaker is not completely equalized (sometimes due to airplane flights or even if inserted forcefully into the ear canal). The solution: Before use, play loud/full volume music through the speakers and let the music run for a while. This will slowly help equalize the speakers. To expedite, you can gently suck and blow into the speaker that will reset the speaker membrane.


3. The speaker is defective. If 1 and 2 do not help, it is possible that you have a defective unit. Please contact us and we'll sort that out for you.