If you are experiencing issues with USB connection or audio - PLEASE ENSURE that the headphones/USB cable is 100% pushed in all the way! The SEAL BOOT can be removed to allow easier access. You should hear and feel a firm snap when headphones/USB cable is engaged properly.

Now try to connect with your computer or listen via your headphones. When connected properly to the computer you should see a red light which indicates charging. The light will turn blue when the charge is complete.

If the USB connection is still an issue, restart your computer and then reconnect. Often times the USB ports need to be reset on your computer.  You can also RESET the STREAM2 by pressing and holding the play/pause button for about 8 seconds.

When you go to use the player and headphones please put the rubber boot back on, this adds extra protection from water entering the input jack.


The rubber boot on the Stream Player is designed to protect the input jack from water intrusion. When the headphones are plugged in correctly the connection should be snug.

If you are experiencing any static or loss of sound in one of the speakers that means the headphones are not plugged in all the way. Push the headphones in all the way until you feel a firm snap.

When removing the headphones from the player it is best to remove the rubber boot with the headphones still attached for charging and adding content to the player.

Please see the attached photo for reference. 

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Email: support@h2oaudio.com