How to download music from iTunes / Apple Music to the STREAM2

Apple changed few things in the music app (or iTunes) and this is sometimes confusing what music you have / own.
I have 3 steps for you and we should get all working.

#1 Here is a setting to make sure iTunes STORE is visible to you to buy music.

After this - you will see the iTunes in the Music App and it is easier to navigate to music you want to buy.

#2. In the Music App (iTunes) you can now see your LIBRARY and below that it shows the iTunes store.
The music you own and can copy to STREAM is in the library. (mine is highlighting albums)

#3. Connect STREAM and Drag and Drop music.
I have now connected my H2O STREAM (seen in the finder app - Locations). I then go to iTunes App and drag (hover the mouse over the album, press the mouse button down and hold it while you drag the album to the H2O STREAM window) and drop the ACDC album to my H2O STREAM - and this will simply copy all the songs associated to this album I have to the memory.

If you are having issues with the USB port connection, check that the USB cord is pushed down all the way, restart the computer and reset the STREAM2 player (press and hold play button for 12 sec) - and try again.

I hope this will help. Let me know.